Planet Kidizen

shutterstock_165818507Planet Kidizen fills the enormous gap between parental consumer need and the available platforms that support the development of well-rounded, communicative, knowledgeable, service-oriented children. Parents in the U.S. and around the world are in dire need of support in giving their children viable avenues to participate in beneficial work that not only enriches the child, but gives them valuable training in societally-beneficial, outwardly-focused activity like community service, environmental protection, and relationship-building.  Planet Kidizen was started by new parents who looked out at the world and saw pressing challenges such as climate change and race relations and the lack of solutions and rampant apathy and frustration that plague our world.  They felt that there needed to be a way to encourage a new generation to provide solutions and do the real heart-felt work of change.  Planet Kidizen aims to motivate and inspire the next generation to be givers, to be builders of strong, connected communities, to serve one another and protect the environment.

Once children become members in Planet Kidizen programs, they are given exciting opportunities to reconnect to their families and communities, turning off the TV and putting away their handheld devices and video game controls.  We use our media platform to direct children back to the real world in fun and stimulating ways. By encouraging the youth to think outside of themselves, we broaden their perspectives and open up new horizons in truly productive and exhilarating ways.

Parents are looking for solutions that not only provide quick, cheap and easy options for engaging and enriching their children, but options that go beyond immediate needs and address the big-picture familial and lifestyle goals they hold dear.   The company’s collaborative nature makes it a resource guide for local, regional, national and international activities that support children in engaging in beneficial activities with their families or community.


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